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Some Pictures

    On the left is Faraday House, about 200 yards from the gates of Hampton Court
    Palace, where Michael Faraday spent the last years of his life and where he died.
    On the right is the former Bearsted Maternity Hospital, now an office building,
    where KJF was born.
    Benoit Mandelbrot, Kenneth Falconer and Robin Ball outside
    the Isaac Newton Institute in Cambridge

    Karoly Simon, Mark Pollicott and KJF at the Fractals and
    Related Fields meeting in Porquerolles, 2011
    KJF and Pertti Mattila at the Porquerolles
    meeting (Photos: Zolton Buczolich)
    John Marstrand, Pertti Mattila, KJF and Roy Davies,
    Bristol 2014 (Photo: Tuomas Sahlsten)
    Speaking at the unveiling of the Sierpinski tree,
    Cambridge, May 2015
    2011 British Race Walking Championships, 100 mile
    (= 160.9km) event (won gold medal for age group)
    Regius Professor appointment, December 2017

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